Quality Alfalfa Kentucky Nationwide hay

When you demand the best feed for your animals, you come to us!

Quality Alfalfa Kentucky National hay

When you demand the best feed for your animals, you come to us!

Premium Kentucky Grown Packaged Forages

When feed quality matters most, look to our high-quality packaged alfalfa and other forage products to keep your animals at their peak

Kentucky Grown

Situated in far Western Kentucky, our farming operations are located in the heartland of agriculture.

Intensively Maintained

Producing high-quality forages requires dedication to intensive fertility plans, but also focus on sustainable agriculture practices.

Harvested to Perfection

Engaging the latest in forage technology from John Deere to ensure timely harvest and preserve quality & nutrients.

Agriculture Technology

When a technology & engineering company meets farming, an explosion of innovative agriculture technology is born.  Elwoh Solutions is pairing first-hand forage production experience with exciting technical development initiatives.

It's not just about making hay, it's about giving your crop the attention it deserves to responsibly produce nutrient-rich forage.

Travis, Principal


quality meets efficiency

Meet the FeedPack™

FeedPack™ Box

FeedPack™ Boxes NEW

Experience the efficiency of neatly packaged forage products for small-animal feeding.

Plant Health

High Protein

Averaging over 20% crude protein, our alfalfa hay can sustain performance animals.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering NEW

Order our high-quality forage products directly from our farm and online with ease.

Square Hay Bale

Bulk Hay Bales

Feed traditionally bulk packaged forage products in 60 lb. small-square bales.

Improved Varieties

Improved Varieties

Gain quality from improved characteristics, such as low and reduced lignin content.

Pest Target


Our intensive management plan promotes a forage that is free of weeds and harmful insects.

Crude Protein
Relative Forage Quality
> %
Neutral Detergent Fiber
< 99 %
Acid Detergent Fiber

Average forage quality results from harvests in 2019, reported by Analab in Fulton, IL

Bulk Hay Bales

For larger operations where you need to feed many animals, such as performance horses or dairy cattle, traditional 60 lb. small-square bales are available for bulk purchasing.

Ideal for horses, cattle, goats, and sheep.

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As we continue engineering and development efforts on the Kentucky Alfalfa management project with our joint collaboration between the University of Kentucky, we’re nearing some project milestones and continuously adding innovative ways to improve your forage and farm management to the backlog. To learn more about the collaboration, progress, and the future of the project, Dr. Ray Smith, Extension Professor with the University of Kentucky will be presenting at the Alfalfa & Stored Forages Conference. The Kentucky Alfalfa Platform is…

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We’re always in a battle to interpret data and make the right decisions to push both yields and forage quality. Often this battle isn’t an easy one, nor does it always have a single correct response. However, the one thing that will stand the test of time for sustainable agriculture practices, other than obtaining the data in the first place by soil sampling, will be to focus on soil pH to maximize nutrient and mineral availability to growing plants. We…

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"This is by far the best texture and softest alfalfa hay that I have seen yet this year."
Race Horses
"They love it and are quite miffed that I'm only giving them small amounts at a time!"
Dairy Goats
"The horses love it! It helped support one of our sick horses back to full-health."
Saddlebred Horses

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