Ag & Farm Services

In addition to our high-quality hay & forage production operation, Elwoh Solutions also offers a variety of agricultural and farm-related services at the same quality and standard that we demand for our own production.  Whilst we do normally charge for our services, we’re always willing to help other local producers in their time of need.  If we can be of assistance to your operation, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Bush Hogging and Mowing

Whether you're mowing established pastures for weed management, or annually mowed CRP land, we can tackle the job with ease using our 15-foot wide batwing mower.

Pasture Renovation and Seeding

Using the latest in precision agriculture paired with a conventional or no-till capable conservation seed drill, we are able to renovate pastures and waterways with ease, while ensuring good seed-to-soil contact.

Elwoh John Deere R4023 Sprayer

Custom Pesticide Applications

Contracted custom RUP and liquid fertilizer applications in far Western Kentucky under KY Dealer #40567. Whether pre-emerge herbicide, insecticide, or foliar fertilizer -- we've got you covered.

Precision Operations

Utilizing the latest in John Deere AMS products, such as the Starfire 6000, AutoTrac and Rate Controllers we are able to ensure proper coverage of operations with a high level of efficiency whilst also being able to variable rate apply in certain situations -- all while having proper field documentation, both for larger custom spraying operations and smaller equipment utilization.

Tillage & Seedbed

For conventional tillage based seeding, stand establishment success is only possible with a properly prepared seedbed that is free of large clods and firm. Our equipment is well suited for smaller pasture and seeding operations, giving focus to breaking compaction layers, properly incorporating fertilizers, and leaving behind a smooth finished seedbed ready for seeding.

Forage Conditioning

Custom hay mowing, conditioning, and baling starts with our roller powered John Deere MoCo Mower-Conditioner, which provides a superior cut and speeds drying as well as nutrient retention by cracking the forage crop to promote faster drying.

Elwoh John Deere R4023 Sprayer

Custom Pesticide Application

Contracted custom Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) and liquid fertilizer applications in far Western Kentucky under KY Dealer #40567. Utilizing a light-weight John Deere R4023 sprayer with 60/80-ft booms and a host of advanced technologies, we're able to apply various burndown and crop protection products in varying field conditions.

Custom Bush Hogging

Whether you require mowing pastures for weed control or annual mowings of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land, we can likely help with our 15-foot batwing. We do NOT provide land clearing services, however. Any mowing operations will be exclusive to previously maintained property free of obstructions.

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