Free Hay For Ambassadors

Step 1

Rate and review us on Facebook and Google to get 10% off your hay order

Step 2

Promote our forages to others at events or on equine and hay groups on social media

Step 3

Get rewarded in free hay on additional orders for every forage purchase you bring to us

But Why and How?

Well, mostly because we’re new to the game!  We haven’t been producing hay for the past twenty years, and we believe that word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to reach the masses.  Although we’re certain you will want to tell everyone about our awesome hay regardless, we want to incentivize you and give thanks for helping grow the Elwoh family of happy hay users!

We constantly monitor social media, so more than likely we will already see you mention us, but be sure to @elwoh tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram when you post, comment, or reply.

If you shared us with someone offline, or you’re not positive we caught it, send us a message and we’ll make sure you get the credit you deserve.

What about Promotional Items and Gear?

If you’re planning on attending a physical event and need some promotional items, we can hook you up!  Just let us know how many flyers, brochures, hats, and shirts you need to spread the word.  If you think the event is large enough, we could also bring promotional trailers with hay on-site.

It's Not Enough! I want More!

That’s fine too!  We want you to have more.  If you’re interested in becoming a dealer for our forage products, let’s work together on a deeper level.  We offer various perks to our dealers beyond volume price breaks, marketing assistance, and more.

Really, if you want to become a dealer, reach out to start the conversation.