Become a Dealer

Do you operate a retail location such as an animal feed store, agricultural cooperative, or brick-and-mortar chain store that specializes in pet food and supplies?  Expand your product offerings to include high-quality hay and packaged forages from Elwoh Solutions!

To fit with our goals of promoting agriculture in Kentucky, any store locations within the state will receive further wholesale discounts.

Strategic Agricultural Alliance

Partnerships that Win

Becoming a dealer or influencer connects you as a partner with Elwoh Solutions.  We strive to always work together as a team with a unified objective of furthering sustainable agriculture, promoting Kentucky agriculture, and producing healthy and nutritious forages.  Whilst merely dealing in our products is a tiny subset of our operational goals, you will have access to all of the various resources that can offer to ensure that together, we are a dominant success in the forage and agriculture industry.

Start Selling Quality Forages

Sell Quality Forages

Are you interested in selling our high-quality packaged forage products in your store?  Competitive wholesale pricing is available nationwide.


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Connect with Elwoh Solutions on RangeMe to view our latest and upcoming forage products, and gain insight into nationwide distribution and retail partnership possibilities.