Bulk Hay & Forage Products

For larger operations where you need to feed many animals, such as performance & race horses or dairy cattle, traditional 60 lb. small-square bales are available for bulk purchasing.

Recommended For: Growing & performance horses, cattle, goats, and sheep.

No minimum order required, however, mechanical grapple loading is offered for quantities in multiples of 15.

  • Alfalfa – Pure stand of alfalfa, not mixed with other grasses.
  • Orchard Grass – Predominant stand of orchard grass.
  • Timothy Grass – Predominant stand of timothy grass.
  • Orchard & Alfalfa – Mixture of alfalfa and orchard grass.

All bulk bale offerings are 2-tie small-square bales with an average weight of 60 lbs.

Each bale measures 32″ long, 14″ tall, and 16″ wide.

Bales are accumulated and stored on-edge, cut-side up to promote ventilation and curing.

Online Ordering of Bulk Hay

Bulk Hay Bales

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Harvesting for Success

All of our forage products are cut at the optimal time to capture the desired nutrients and are allowed to air dry in the bright sunny Kentucky sun to the required moisture level for safe bailing.  They are then packaged into the final small-square bale using reliable John Deere forage equipment, producing consistently well formed bales that are ready for storage or animal consumption.

Alfalfa Is

The Queen of All Forages

Alfalfa is Nutrient-Rich the Queen of Forage Key to Performance Animals

Our high-quality alfalfa is grown with the equine industry in mind!  We target cutting at between late-bud and early-flower, which usually renders a low-lignin and high protein content forage.  Combined with the genetics of the America’s Alfalfa AmeriStand varieties that we grow, the end result is a very soft forage with small stems and a plethora of nutrient-packed leaves.

Looking for Smaller Orders?

FeedPack™ Boxes

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ALWAYS consult your attending veterinarian to determine what forage products to feed, during which situations they should be used, and to determine a schedule of intake. Elwoh Solutions only offers broad universal directions and does NOT provide specific instruction or advice on what to feed your animal.