Step 1

Visit the High-Quality Pure Alfalfa Small-Square Bale product page, and determine how many nutrient rich bales you need for 2020.

Step 2

Add the desired number of bales to your cart and use the coupon code FALL19PRE to save 20% on your pre-order!

By pre-ordering our hay & forage products you MUST agree to The Fine Print.

Step 3

Sit back, relax, and explain to your animals how you saved 20% on your their sweet and nutritious hay for the year!

The Most Important Part

What Do I Get?

You get exactly what you order!  High-quality pure alfalfa grown in Kentucky by Elwoh Solutions Ag, packaged in small-square bales, perfect for feeding your horse, goat, cow, or other small animals, but NOT your children (more on that later).  Our alfalfa is grown with pride and diligently managed to ensure the soil and plants are healthy, and responsibly packed with nutrients.  Being that it is pure alfalfa after all, we strive to ensure it is free of weeds and insects!

Less Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I feed?

Good question!  Feed all of it that you buy from us, of course.  You should consult with your attending veterinarian to determine exactly how much you should feed your animals.

How does shipping work?

When your order is ready for pickup or shipment, we will reach out to you.  You are welcome to pickup at our farm in La Center, KY for free (we will even load your flatbed trailer with a grapple; that’s right, no manual labor to load) or if you require shipping we can arrange delivery with our contractors, which is usually around $2.75 per loaded mile.

Can I share this coupon?

Well that depends on whether you consider yourself a good person and a good friend.  If you wake up in the morning just striving to help your buddies save money on their hay & forage needs, then by all means, share away!

Uhm, can I sell what I buy?

No, not now, and not ever.  Thanks for asking, though.  Yes!  You are free to buy all of the hay you want and resell it however you see fit.  If you make a habit of this, you might want to become a dealer for some full-time perks!


Welcome to the bottom of the page where the small text and fine print live.  Yes, you need to read it, memorize it, and dream about it.  By pre-ordering our hay & forage products, you agree to our usual terms & conditions, but also acknowledge that you are placing an order for a product that does not yet exist, and as such, you will be waiting until the normal harvest and production time occurs in Kentucky.  As always, our lovely friend Mother Nature will have ultimate control over our production — in the event that our yield and production is negatively impacted and we do not have enough supply to service your order, you will receive a full refund and an extension of this offer towards your next purchase at Elwoh Solutions Ag.  In addition, although our high-quality pure alfalfa is amazing in smell and texture, you agree NOT to consume the product yourself or attempt to feed it to your children — they may grow too rapidly, become too strong, and make you buy them the latest iPhone against your will; who knows what can happen, #ThinkSafety #ForageSafely #GoogleIsBetter.  That’s all we have for fine print, so congratulations for making it this far and actually reaching the bottom of the page.