Small-Square Bale of Alfalfa in 14 Bale Bundles

Pure Alfalfa (Bundle of 14 Bales)


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Quality alfalfa only comes from western states!

Yeah, we’ve heard it all… and it’s all bull.  You don’t have to buy hay from the western states to get the quality you deserve, and we’re redefining what is possible in Kentucky.

Top Placing Alfalfa

During our first growing year, our alfalfa quality was recognized at the World Forage Analysis Superbowl in the World Dairy Expo 2019.

World Dairy Expo 2019

Read more about our quality and placement at the World Forage Analysis Superbowl.
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Conveniently Grown in Kentucky

You know what they say about Kentucky, right?  I mean, the Kentucky Derby isn’t just for nothing… we know horses!  And we know quality hay.  Although the weather is challenging, we’re situated right in the “sweet spot” for growing and maintaining quality alfalfa.

Do you know something else that’s pretty cool about Kentucky?  Aside from being amazing, we’re centrally located, which means that shipping & freight costs will be significantly lower than out west (if you’re still hung up on that myth).

All of our high-quality alfalfa is grown with pride on our Western Kentucky farms.  We are also a proud member of the Kentucky Proud® program from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  Keen focus is given to proper scouting of fields to aid in the growth of healthy and nutritious plants, and this dedication shows in the final harvest of our forages!

ALWAYS consult your attending veterinarian or equine nutritionist to determine what forage products to feed, during which situations they should be used, and to determine a schedule of intake. Elwoh Solutions only offers broad universal directions and does NOT provide specific instruction or advice on what to feed your animal.

All representations, weights, qualities, and sales of forage products are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

It's just so big and fluffy

Yeah, we’re sort of proud of that.  The leaves, that is… what did you think we were talking about?  We strive to have big, juicy, fluffy, amazing (how many more times can we use that word?) and nutritious leaves on our alfalfa.  It’s kind of a big deal.

More Leaves Nutrition Value Convenience Awesomeness in our alfalfa

I want it all, and I want it now

Okay, sure.  But first, let’s at least go out to dinner.  If you really do want it all, and you really do want to save some big money, then let’s work together to redefine and dominate the forage industry.  We’re constantly onboarding new dealers and distributors.  We are also super transparent with our pricing… so let’s gaze into the sunset together dreaming of how to conquer the world.

Dealer Level I

Min. of 1,000 bales annually
$ 8
per bale
  • Guaranteed Availability *

Dealer Level II

Min. of 2,000 bales annually
$ 8
per bale
  • Priority Shipments
  • Marketing Support
  • Guaranteed Availability *
  • Lowest Price per Bale


No Minimum or Commitment
$ 10
per bale
  • Happy Animals

Convenience in Bundles

It’s not just just a bundle of joy, it’s a bundle of hay, and it’s extremely convenient to move, load, transport, store, eat… well, pretty much everything.  They really are that nice.  As they say, once you go to bundles, you won’t go back!

You can either load and move the bundles with a specific bundle grapple or fork, or you can use regular pallet forks, or even a bale spear.  If you don’t have any of those, all you need to do is cut the twine holding the bundle together, and you can move then like normal.

Hold up, what about the small guys?

What about the little guys that only have a rabbit, or a goat, or something small, and they don't need a whole bundle? Well, we're happy to announce that you're out of luck! Wait, wrong word... we meant to say that you're in luck! On a case-by-case basis, we may break bundles so that you can get loose individual bales. We don't like it, and we probably won't do it very often... but if you either ask nicely, or bring your own twine-cutter-thingy ** and cut the strings before we can stop you, then you might be in luck.

** Bringing and using twine-cutter-thingies, otherwise known as stab’em devices, or knives, is highly discouraged and will likely be met with some form of resistance, like garden-hose-spraying.

Jordan Sullivan
Jordan Sullivan
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Produces without a doubt some of the best alfalfa hay around!
Inna Horuzhik
Inna Horuzhik
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Good hay, great service. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you guarantee this to be pure alfalfa, and free of any weeds, foxtail, grass, or anything non-alfalfa?

A: Uhm, absolutely not.  We don’t make guarantees that we can’t keep, and this is one of them.  What we will do, is be transparent in our operation so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to buy our forage products.  We also welcome you to schedule a visit so that you can inspect the fields or bales before you purchase.

Q: How about your weights, are all of your bales exactly what you advertise?

A: Nope!  We advertise an average.  Once again, we’re transparent in how we come up with this number — which is just a random keystroke of digits by slamming our hand on the keyboard.  Actually, we randomly take weights from in-the-field as we bale.  Although these weights are likely accurate, there will be differences, especially as the forages go through a curing process and moisture content changes.

Q: Thanks for letting us keep the hay we purchased in our barn for the past few weeks, but the hay is bad, will you give us a refund?

A: Probably not, but maybe, or sorta, or kinda.  It’s pretty subjective, right?  Send us a sample and we will take a look.  On a case-by-case basis, we may issue a partial store-credit “refund” or replace some bales.  But we’re very likely not just going to give you all of your money back… and we’re definitely not going just let you keep the “bad” hay and issue you a refund (yeah, been there… done that).  Always read and refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Q: Will you offer volume discounts?

A: Every deal is different, but absolutely.  We ordinarily start volume discounts at 1,000 bales per year as a commitment.  Things get tricky for volume discounts, so contact us for more information on how we can work together.

Q: What about discounts in exchange for Chick-fil-A?

A: How did this even make it as a question?  Of course we will.  Spicy deluxe, waffle fries, and a sweet tea.  Thanks, and here’s your 2% discount (no, we’re not joking).

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